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Year: 2012


Games Based Learning MOOC - designed for educators who want to learn more games, simulations and game-like environments for education.

MOOC MOOC: a mini-MOOC, a meta-MOOC, a MOOC about MOOCs. From August 12 - 19th, Hybrid Pedagogy will host a lively, playful scrutiny and consideration of the Massive Open Online Course. MOOC MOOC will explore the pedagogical approach, the sustainability of the form, and alternatives to MOOCs. More info. in my announcement here.

YEAR: 2011
Change.MOOC - Change: Education, Learning, and Technology! (Fall 2011)

eduMOOC - Online Learning Today and Tomorrow (Summer 2011)

DS106 - Digital Storytelling (Summer 2011)

MobiMOOC - Mobile Learning (Spring 2011)

LAK11 - Learning and Knowledge Analytics (Spring 2011)

CCK11 - Connectivism and Connective Knowledge (Spring 2011)

YEAR: 2010
PLENK - Personal Learning Environments Networks and Knowledge (Fall 2010)

YEAR: 2009
Connectivism (Fall 2009)

Connect! Your PLN Lab (Fall 2009)

YEAR: 2008
Connectivism (Fall 2008) - the first MOOC


YEAR: 2007
EC&I 831 - Social Media & Open Education (Fall 2007)

INST 7150 - Intro to Open Education (Fall 2007)