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Feb 25, 2017

What Engagement Looks Like In A Mooc-Based Cs Class
Computing Education Blog
My colleague, Ashok Goel, is getting a lot of (deserved) attention for exploring the role of a cognitive assistant as a teaching assistant, known as Jill Watson. The question he’s exploring is: How do we measure the effect of this assistant? One exploration involves engagement. I thought that these numbers were interesting, because they’re comparable […] Fri, 24 Feb 2017 12:26:48 +0000

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Feb 25: À La DÉcouverte Du ThÉâtre Classique Français: Déroulement D'Une Séance
Notes on MOOC Lectures
...matinée théâtrale - une après-midi de théâtre - commence officiellement à quatorze heures - était constituée, dans un premier temps, par une pièce en cinq actes - mais il faut bien concevoir que la pièce en cinq actes, dans les conditions de représentation de l'époque était une pièce qui supposait un véritable entracte à la fin de chaque acte - quelques minutes durant lesquelles ... Sat, 25 Feb 2017 01:38:27 +0100

Feb 24: Paleontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution: Vertebrate Environments
Notes on MOOC Lectures
...what kinds of environments the earliest vertebrates inhabited - paleontology is blending of - biology - geology - to understand how and why certain features evolved, we need to interpret the rocks that fossils are found in - this tells us what kinds of environments the animals lived in - depositional environments on land are more common - depositional environments in the ... Fri, 24 Feb 2017 08:03:06 +0100

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Feb 27

Biodiversity and Global Change: Science & Action
This new, free online course about environmental topics is for anyone who wants to help protect biodiversity. The 42 short video lectures are about biodiversity, biodiversity science, and global change including climate change.

Mar 06

The Lean MBA
The Lean MBA program is a 1 year, online program that teaches 12 functional areas of business administration: 1. Entrepreneurship 2. General Management, Leadership & Strategy 3. Marketing & Sales 4. Economics 5. Statistics & Big Data 6. Operations Management 7. Business Law & Ethics 8. Accounting 9. Finance 10. Human Resource Management 11. International Business 12. Project Management The main benefits of The Lean MBA are: - Low price: 299€ total or 35€/...

Mar 20

Extinctions: Past and Present
This course explores how life on earth has been shaped by five mass extinction events in the distant past. At present, biodiversity is facing a crisis, with the prospect of a sixth extinction event today.