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Jan 29, 2015

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Feb 02

Agriculture, Economics and Nature
The development of agriculture is what got human beings started on the long trip from hunter-gatherers to modern civilisation. Agriculture remains an economically important industry in both developed and developing countries. This course is about agriculture, including agricultural production and the interaction between agriculture and the environment. We will look at these issues from a general perspective, and from an economic perspective. You will see that the economic perspective can ...

Habilidades y Competencias a través del coaching personal (4ª. edición)
El empleo del coaching está desarrollándose en diversas universidades españolas como método de ayuda tanto para los profesores en sus proyectos tutoriales y de mentoring, como para los alumnos en el desarrollo de competencias personales, instrumentales y de actitud. Su empleo está ampliamente demostrado y desarrollado en Estados Unidos y numerosos países europeos, dentro del desarrollo curricular transversal de todos los estudiantes y profesores.

Adaptive Leadership: Mobilizing for Change
Are you a leader going through a tumultuous time and looking for guidance? Developed by Acumen and CLA, the Adaptive Leadership course is designed to help individuals and organizations identify and tackle systemic change through a process of confronting the status quo and identifying technical and adaptive challenges.

VLSI CAD: Logic to Layout
A modern VLSI chip has a zillion parts -- logic, control, memory, interconnect, etc. How do we design these complex chips? Answer: CAD software tools. Learn how to build these tools in this class.

Global Postharvest Loss Prevention: Fundamentals, Technologies, and Actors
This course provides an overview of the issue of postharvest loss of grains by exploring essential physical, technical, and social dimensions of postharvest supply chains and loss prevention methods globally.

Feb 03

Programmation sur iPhone et iPad (partie I)
Ce MOOC de 6 semaines est le premier d'une série de deux MOOCs consacrés à la programmation sur iPhone et iPad. Il se concentre sur le développement d'applications «mono-vues» et présente en détail les principes d'une interaction réussie de vos applications avec ses utilisateurs. Nous avons également décidé de prendre en compte les dernières nouveautés introduites dans iOS. Ainsi, ce MOOC fera la part égale entre Objective-C, le langage «traditionnel» de dé...

Feb 04

Networking for Change Makers
In this 2.5 hour course run by +Acumen and the Center for Creative Leadership, you’ll learn how to build deep, diverse and open networks that enable you to have outsize influence. You’ll complete interactive diagnostic activities that will help you and your team unearth the social capital & relationships that you bring to the table. You’ll be exposed to new data visualization tools for mapping your network and learn about 5 network traps to avoid.

Feb 05

Board Strategy for Social Enterprise: Best Practices to Maximize Your Impact
A functioning board early on can be a key driver for an enterprise’s success over the long term. Learn how to create the “right” board for your venture. This course, developed by Acumen and Accion Venture Lab, is for social enterprises or non-profits that are in the early-stages of forming a board for their enterprises.

Feb 09

Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design
What is Human-Centered Design, and how can you use the design process to create innovative solutions for change? Acumen has teamed up with to offer this popular course on principles of Human-Centered Design. Join us for a real design challenge to discover, ideate, and create a prototype through this course.

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E-Mail ist eines der wichtigsten Kommunikationsmittel unserer Zeit. Dennoch lässt die Technologie hinsichtlich Sicherheit deutlich zu wünschen übrig. Als E-Mail-Nutzer kann man sich weder sicher sein, dass niemand die Nachrichten mitliest, noch dass diese auch unverändert beim Empfänger ankommen. Um geeignete Sicherheitsmaßnahmen - die sogenannte Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung sowie digitale Signaturen - muss sich jeder einzelne Nutzer selbst kümmern....