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[Sept] 03

Get to know SAP's Innovative Enterprise Solutions (Chinese language)
To be competitive and remain relevant in today’s business world, a good IT solution has to: Enable business anywhere at any time, on any device Crunch big data easily and quickly Be tailored to the specific needs of the customer Join our lectures and learn how SAP responds to these challenges. This six week course provides you with a broad overview of SAP’s latest technologies, covering many engaging topics like SAP HANA and SAP Cloud. You will also learn how SAP offers ...

[Sept] 08

Active Mathematics for Homeschooling Families
A free online course for homeschooling families who wish to improve their children's math learning experience.

Matmática activa para familias educadoras
Un curso gratis para familias educadoras que desean explorar formas creativas de aprender y enseñar matemática, adaptadas a las necesidades de los niños.

Mini Medical School
The original Mini Medical School is now offered as a MOOC. No prerequisites, no exams! Open to anyone who wants to learn more about the basic science that underpins modern medicine.

OIL101: Fact or Friction?
Are you using the right type of engine oil in your vehicle? Is synthetic, conventional, or blended oil the best? Are there certain oil types that are better than others? Engine type, driving style, weather, and age of vehicle and engine are some of the important factors to consider when selecting the best oil for your vehicle. The misuse of oil can be detrimental to the life of your vehicle. There is much more to oil than meets the eye! In this course, participants will learn about and ...

Art, Technology & Media: Digital Imaging
This course will examine the intersection of technology, culture, and the fine arts. Digital Imaging will focus on the use and manipulation of the image in print and online with a focus on image authenticity and creativity in the age of the Internet. Students will refine their use of Adobe Photoshop and learn to give and receive constructive feedback on visual artistic projects. Communication and process will be emphasized over raw skill and technique, but students can expect to see their ...

Teaching Flipped
Teaching Flipped gives university faculty an introduction to the ins and outs of teaching with a flipped, hybrid, or online MOOC-type classroom. The course will cover: The basics of flipped/hybrid/MOOC methods What is known and not known in the literature Where these learning methods are heading How to develop content for online (video) and for active, in-class learning Ways to think about and organize your course How to assess both students and your teaching The course is ...

Don’t Panic! The Professor’s Guide to Teaching: Course Design
Don't panic! Teaching is an incredibly difficult endeavor, but its foundation is great course design, which is something you can master. Participants in this course will explore (and teach each other!) how to design interesting, engaging classes that will provide students with opportunities for truly significant learning. In this four-week journey, you will develop significant learning goals for your students, learn about and apply authentic assessment practices, examine various types ...

Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory & Practice
This course gives an introduction into the field of terrorism & counterterrorism studies. It will help you to analyze and understand these complex phenomena and discuss its impact on society with a global audience. Students, policy makers, journalists or anyone with a strong interest in understanding issues like the history, origins and nature of terrorism, security, fear management, resilience, politics, violence, foreign fighters and radicalization will find the course most relevant.

Curso fundamental de Macroeconomía (2ª edición)
Este curso es fundamental para una formación básica en los fundamentos de la economía ya que, mediante su estudio, se trata de ocupar el espacio teórico y empírico de carácter económico que debe completar cualquier formación multidisciplinar. El carácter del curso es plenamente introductorio con el fin de resaltar los principales modelos y las políticas económicas que nos permiten profundizar en el estudio de fenómenos económicos cotidianos que afectan a los diferentes agentes ...

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Hack Education Weekly News: The Great LAUSD iPad Saga Continues
, Hack Education
OMFG LAUSD The LAUSD iPad clusterfuck continues. Late last week, several LA news organizations obtained and published emails between LAUSD, Apple, and Pearson officials. The emails reveal that Superintendent John Deasy began meeting with these companies to discuss the hardware/curriculum purchase almost a year before the multimillion dollar contract went out to bid. The district agreed last year to purchase 700,000 iPads — one for every student in the district. The devices would come pre-loaded with curriculum created by Pearson. The expected cost of this project, including ... [Link] Fri, 29 Aug 2014 11:40:09 PDT

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