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Taking the Red Pill and Reclaiming Hosting
Brainstorm in Progress
This blog has moved to Numerous metaphors seem apt here. I have been toying with the idea that Tim Owens and Jim Groom have been promoting for some time now: A Domain of One's Own and Reclaim Hosting. When I first heard the idea, I was not too keen on it because I was working in a community college with students very new to technology and with luddite faculty who were 2014-10-24T21:57:00.001-07:00

mLearning Initiatives at Humboldt State University
Brainstorm in Progress
This just in from Morgan Barker, an instructional designer at Humboldt State:Hello Staff & Faculty,I would like to personally invite you to campus sessions centered around the topic of mobile learning. The eLearning department will be holding a monthly 2014-15 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) session. Come join us -grab a cup of coffee and a croissant, during the session.Sessions will 2014-09-15T13:58:00.000-07:00

Time Saving Tips for Online Teaching (2014)
Brainstorm in Progress
 A clock made in Revolutionary France, showing the 10-hour metric clock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)We often hear that online learning takes a lot of time for instructors. I have found that it can, but when a course is set up in advance, using the appropriate tools, a lot of time can be saved. A little work and planning in advance can save teachers a lot of time when it will really count. 2014-08-29T11:15:00.003-07:00

Open Textbooks at Humboldt State University
Brainstorm in Progress
The Jolly Giant Commons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)I presented the other day at Humboldt State University's conference "Institute for Student Success." I was really pleased that the organizers seem to recognize economic barriers to education as a factor in student success. I am also very excited about some of the work already in progress here at HSU with open textbooks. Last year, I 2014-08-22T15:09:00.001-07:00

Death of the Book Redux
Brainstorm in Progress
Wittgenstein (from Wikipedia) I don't know if this is related to climate change or the polar vortex, but the yearly declaration that the book is dead or dying is early this year. Naomi S. Baron, in her article "How E-Reading Threatens the Humanities" is the latest. Never mind the fact that with every new change in technology, there is resistance to the change. Socrates was suspicious of 2014-07-17T15:26:00.001-07:00

Why Connectivism is a Learning Theory
Brainstorm in Progress
Domains of major fields of physics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)David Wiley recently made a comment on his blog, in response to a very succinct posting by Stephen Downes, that the learning theory Connectivism, though he is sympathetic to it, was incomplete. I am not sure what to make of that. I understand David's point that terms need to be carefully defined. A solid theory needs 2014-04-28T16:48:00.000-07:00

Connectivism - The First 2000 Years
Brainstorm in Progress
I would like to highly recommend a book I am currently reading to educators interested in Connectivism. It is called Writing on the Wall: Social Media - The First 2000 Thousand Years by Tom Standage, the digital editor at the Economist. The point of the book is that social media is not a new phenomena but it is something that we have been engaging in for millennia and that it is part of 2014-04-23T13:56:00.002-07:00

Scientific Discovery and the Creative Commons
Brainstorm in Progress Spuck's students discuss their search for T Tauri stars with renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson at the American Astronomical Society conference in January 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)In a recent episode of Cosmos: a Person Odyssey, Neil deGrasse Tyson spoke of the dissemination of scientific ideas and publishing as part 2014-04-21T14:41:00.004-07:00

Connectivism, Neuroscience, and Education
Brainstorm in Progress
I have never been comfortable with proclamations by educators or scientists (and yes, there is a difference) about how the brain works. The logical fallacy goes something like this: "we have isolated a mechanism in the brain, learning takes place in the brain; therefore, we now know how learning works." Whenever a psychologist says something smug like "the brain doesn't work that way" ( 2014-04-11T15:52:00.002-07:00

Reports on the Death of the Book are Greatly Exaggerated
Brainstorm in Progress
William ShakespeareI was at a poetry reading at the library a while back and one of the poets had a poem about how lost in cyberspace everyone is and the implication was that he was seeing the end of print culture and the book. Never mind that there was not an empty seat in the house to hear a poetry reading on a Thursday night! But there we have it - technology is phasing out the 2014-04-04T14:45:00.001-07:00