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Jun 08

Mini Medical School
The Original Mini Medical School is now online as a free, open online course. There are no prerequisites. The course is designed for people considering or starting a career in the health field, as well as anyone wanting to know how their body works. Each week a new set of short animated video units becomes available. There are optional quizzes and a discussion forum; and a Certificate of Completion is available.

Jun 15

Web Technologies
WWW, the world wide web or shortly the web - really nothing more than an information service on the Internet – has changed our world by creating a whole new digital world that is closely intertwined with our real world, making reality what was previously unimaginable: communication across the world in seconds, watching movies on a smartphone, playing games or looking at photos with remote partners in distant continents, shopping or banking from your couch … In our online course on web ...

Jul 06

Media literacy helps us understand, analyze and create media. While we rely on good journalism to provide accurate information, we also have responsibilities of our own in this media-saturated environment. We can no longer be passive consumers of media. We need to be active users of media, as readers, listeners, viewers and creators, so we are all better informed. Our goal is to help you do just that.

Nov 02

Knowledge Engineering with Semantic Web Technologies
The knowledge contained in the World Wide Web is available in interlinked documents written in natural language. To make use of this knowledge, technologies such as natural language processing, information retrieval, data and knowledge mining must be applied. Semantic Web technologies follow an alternative approach by complementing web documents with explicit semantics based on formal knowledge representations, such as e.g. ontologies. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of ...