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[Sept] 08

Active Mathematics for Homeschooling Families
A free online course for homeschooling families who wish to improve their children's math learning experience.

Matmática activa para familias educadoras
Un curso gratis para familias educadoras que desean explorar formas creativas de aprender y enseñar matemática, adaptadas a las necesidades de los niños.

Mini Medical School
The original Mini Medical School is now offered as a MOOC. No prerequisites, no exams! Open to anyone who wants to learn more about the basic science that underpins modern medicine.

Ozarks Studies
This is an interdisciplinary course that introduces students to the study of the Ozarks through the arts, humanities, media, and social sciences. The course will explore such issues as regional heritage, cultural adaptation, and the survival of regional and cultural identity and folkways through comparison of Ozarks people and places with other cultural groups and regions.

Oct 15

The Fascination of Crystals and Symmetry
Rubies, sugar, snowflakes: crystals are beauty, arranged in grid structures. This MOOC explains the basic building blocks of crystals, their symmetrical structure and introduces free software for crystal structure exploring.­­

Nov 03

Internationales Agrarmanagement
Landwirtschaft ist heute Management. Um wirtschaftlich entscheiden zu können, brauchen Agraringenieure und Landwirte ausgeprägtes Fachwissen. Das vermittelt der Kurs anhand realer, aktueller Betriebsbeispiele. Auf Deutsch und Russisch.