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Feb 29

Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics
An easy entry to understanding common statistical concepts while avoiding complicated mathematics, providing greater confidence in grasping the key ideas in statistical analysis reflected in research papers.

Mar 14

New Energy Technologies
This course aims to provide participants with a dual techno-oriented and business-oriented perspective of the issues at play in the development of new energy technologies. It also explores the contributions of key regional and international market players in the transition to more-sustainable energy technologies.

Apr 04

Education for All: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion
Millions of children around the world are excluded from access to education because of a disability - their exclusion robs them of their potential and diminishes our society. Inclusive education is about addressing barriers to learning and participation, and transforming school communities to allow them to really benefit from inclusion. Presented by Dr Judith McKenzie and Mrs Chioma Ohajunwa of the Disability Studies unit at UCT, this course aims to help teachers, other professionals, and ...

Apr 18

What is a Mind?
A multidisciplinary approach to exploring four specific aspects of the mind – subjectivity, consciousness, intentionality and agency – which help us think about the fundamental questions: what it is to be a mind, why we have a mind, and what it feels like to have a mind. Rated No. 6 in Class Central's Top 10 MOOCs for 2015, as well as No. 2 in Psychology, and No. 3 in the Social Sciences.

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What Should Mooc Quality Standards Look Like? - Ecampus News
, mooc - Google News
eCampus News What should MOOC quality standards look like? eCampus News MOOC-quality-standards As more institutions consider offering MOOCs for credit, often the MOOCs provided by third-party platforms, researchers say it's imperative to gauge instructional and design effectiveness…but how, and with what quality standards? [Link] Fri, 12 Feb 2016 18:52:41 GMT

Taking Moodle Further As A Teacher In Week 4 Of The Learn Moodle Mooc - Moodlenews (Press Release) (Blog)
, mooc - Google News
MoodleNews (press release) (blog) Taking Moodle Further As A Teacher In Week 4 Of The Learn Moodle MOOC MoodleNews (press release) (blog) Week four of the Learn Moodle MOOC: Teaching with Moodle is underway. This week's focus is on several advanced elements of Moodle that are introduced for those Moodler's who'd like to go beyond the introductory materials presented in the MOOC. [Link] Wed, 10 Feb 2016 09:23:30 GMT

The History Of Money (In 10 Minutes)
, Pontydysgu - Bridge to Learning
Love this video by Deek Jackson from the UK Open University. It shows imagination is more important than big production budgets. And this is just the kind of video I think we should be making for MOOCs – imagination and time permitting. [Link] Wed, 10 Feb 2016 17:06:44 +0000

First Dairy Mooc, Offered By Penn State, Drawing International Attention - Penn State News
, mooc - Google News
Penn State News First dairy MOOC, offered by Penn State, drawing international attention Penn State News UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has a long history of helping to fulfill the University's land-grant mission by providing educational outreach to dairy farmers and other producers in Pennsylvania and beyond. Now ... and more » [Link] Tue, 09 Feb 2016 17:21:06 GMT

Geo Mooc Landscape Continues To Evolve - Directionsmag.Com
, mooc - Google News
Geo MOOC landscape continues to evolve In fact, both old and new geospatial courses are exactly aligned with many of the overall MOOC industry trends. We are seeing fewer courses that may have served as one-time experiments in terms of topics and audiences, and a smaller set of more ... [Link] Wed, 10 Feb 2016 07:17:23 GMT

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